I’ve owned Positive Performance since he was 2. I concentrate on putting horse and rider together in a partnership regardless of the discipline. I do reining horses, start colts, work with problem horses, and teach horsemanship. The emphasis of my program is Communication, Trust and Respect between horse and rider.

Positive Performance is used for lessons 4 to 5 days a week. He is quiet and kind, and allows our 1st time riders to experience the feel of a finished reiner, as well as tunes up our experienced riders. He has been selectively bred to mares with strong reining and cutting bloodlines. All his foals are good minded and athletic. With over 30 years as a professional trainer, I've been highly impressed with the minds and athletic ability of the Positive Performance foals I’ve started.

I’ve used Positive Performance on cows and he definitely has cow sense. He produces pretty and great minded athletes that can be used for most anything. I know he can produce great reiners and cowhorses…

Joe Delano








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Sons and Daughters of Positive Performance
              Positive Twist, 7 year old mare
Owned by Kathaleen Emerson
Williamsburg, MA

Pictured here as a colt, Positive Ed,
and now a 3 year old.
Owned by Chris Scott
Bates Creek Cattle Co.
Casper, Wyoming

                Chris Scott

Positive Pepper, 2 year old with 15 rides
Owned by Pat & Jake Conners

    Positive King        
      Positive King, 6 year old mare
out of Positive Performance and King Rio mare.
Owned by Anne Combs